ARDS test passed

The ARDS test
The ARDS test is required to obtained a National B race licence for competing in car racing. After passing the medical, which I achieved a fortnight before I could take the test. The test comprises of a multiple choice theory paper and a practical. The theory is fairly easy and makes sure that you know all the flags and understand the importance of safety in motor racing.

The practical was a very rewarding part of the day. First of all the instructor takes you around the circuit and teaches you the lines and techniques. Then when it is your go the instructor is with you in the car and offers advice on how to do things correctly. When you do get it right it feels right. I found that I actually learnt alot during this test of my skills and the course drew attention to the important aspects of race driving.

Testing the car
The car, “straight out of the box”, ran well – completing over 80 laps – eat your heart out McLaren. Great day, all the track time you wanted, first class organisation – thanks to Terry Dye and the JEC


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