Anglesey day 1

Jaguar Car Club Race Meeting
Classic Jaguar World XJS Challenge (Dennis) & JCC Jaguar Challenge(Adam)

A fairly non-eventful practice. I knew less about Anglesey than Brands or Donington, but it’s shortness meant it was easy to learn. This was the first time I’d been out before my Dad and I tried to relate my experience. Even simple information about which gears to use for each corner can be extremely useful.


The two leaders took each other out early on. The first lap was quite scary because somebody went of on the run up to Radar. He kicked alot of dust up and for a couple of seconds I couldn’t anything. Should I keep my foot in and risk hitting somebody, or back of and risk being hit? A compramise served me well. I had a huge spin a few laps from the end. Ended up on the outside in the first corner. The camber is bad on the outside and this caused the spin. I stalled the engine and it took me sometime to restart. This happened at the corner where Ruth, Mum and Dad were watching! Eventually finished eleventh and one place short of being mentioned in Motorsport News. Oh well, there is always tomorrow!


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