The first trophy – Anglesey day 2

Practice resulted in fastest in class. Everything was looking good for the race. I was particularly please with compliments that I received from fellow drivers – encouraging the new boy. I even managed to keep up with some of the modified cars.


My good start was spoilt by grabbing fifth instead of third half way round the lap. This dropped me to third in class. I had a good battle against Jim Shea and Nick Gwinutt. Shea was blocking in an extremely effective manner. He was quicker in a straight line, but I was much much better under braking for the hairpin. On one lap I had an attempt, but he squeezed me and I got out of it. A lap later I completed the move despite a small amount of contact while we where in the corner. I then easily pulled away after this. In my chase of Nick Gwinuut, we both had a moment when we found a car half way across the track in the final complex. Nick said that he had a slight contact with this car, but I managed to avoid it by a few inches. I had a few attempts to get past Nick into the chicane and also the quick first corner. He was always able to hold me of on the straight due to his superior power, but I could get alongside him under braking for the first corner. Each time he was just able to turn in normally and keep the position. Good racing. I had a great attempt into the hairpin which resulted in a half spin and I lost out. It felt as if he had tagged my rear half, but This was later denied! Although it wouldn’t have been surprising if he did as we were so close. A couple of laps from the end I had a go around the outside while we were being lapped. This was, shall we say, optimistic and I ended up on the bad cambered part of the track. Keen not to lose the back end like I did in Saturday’s race I let the car run wide onto the grass. I completed half the corner on the grass and rejoined without losing a place. In the last couple of laps I caught the class leader again, but it was too late for any more overtaking attempts. On the slowing down lap signals of congratulations and respect were exchanged between Nick and I. The battle had been extremely enjoyable and the marshals applauded our efforts.

“That is never on” – Dennis describes Adam attempted overtaking around the outside.
“You camped at Brands, in March” – fellow competitors at dinner.
“Bangor is not on the map” – Mum


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