Cadwell Park – another trophy

Jaguar Car Club Race Meeting
Classic Jaguar World XJS Challenge (Dennis)
JCC Jaguar Challenge (Adam)

• Rain, rain and more rain.
• Dennis gets his first podium and trophy.
• Mad race for Dennis, who was one of the few drivers to keep it on the black stuff
• New tyres tried. Inconclusive due to the weather.
• Protests!
• Adam is denied a race chance.
• Adam only gets five laps.
• Adam 7th fastest overall in qualifying.
• Adam annoyed, especially as the following day brought sunshine.
• First race meeting attended by Aunty Val and Derek.

The usual checks. Although extra care was taken in checking the lights. A good idea as the weather looked a bit dodgy at this stage. We both managed to sign on, get scrutineered and have our first timers briefing all within the allotted time.

“Get the three laps in” so that we could start the race was the advice of the RAC Steward and this was certainly the advice that we followed! It was the first time out in the wet proper for me and I had no desire to find out how slippery the grass was! Due to delays my session was shortened to only 10 minutes. Only enough time for four or five laps in these conditions. Not much preparation for the race considering that I had never driven in anger in in the wet before or at Cadwell!

I went out of the pits just behind an Ultima and also a Elise and just in front of a Saloon. I was happy with this as I thought that the Lotus and Ultima would disappear leaving me with a clear track. The Saloon behind was driven by one of the J.A.Garage drivers Nick Gwiuitt. He had already been out in the wet in Cadwell park earlier and races a lot so I thought that he would be a good person to judge my speed against and also see the lines with. As it turns out I never saw hardly anyone again! I never saw Gwinutt after leaving the assembly area and was only passed by three of the quick modified cars. The Lotus was holding me up at first! I decided to back of so that I could have some room, but found I soon caught him up. I eventually went past him on one of the straights. It was very slippery out there and I had a small moment when I braked to late for the Mountain section. This caused me to lock up and run wide, but was not a great problem. In the end I was 7th fastest overall ahead of some far more experienced drivers, which pleased me!

Unfortunately the Race was cancelled.

Dennis finished third in class and got a trophy.
dad's trophy


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