CSCC Mallory Park

The weekend started off with a relaxed start to the day. Late scrutineering made it nice and easy. Until an incorrect sign on ticket meant we were scrutineering twice. A flat battery, lots of pushing. Driving back to scrutineering it a pot hole in the paddock and there was a broken suspension. Nice.

Met some great people. A steward leant us a welder and a fellow racer fixed the suspension.
He also turned out to be a nifty racer too. A team that really knew how to go racing.

Sunday morning practice resulted in a clutch problem after just three laps and a position at the back of the grid.
Clutch fixed the race went well. The start was fun, after hardly any running and no racing laps for years it was great to be side-by-side through Goddards. The next few laps were very busy. There was a problem towards the end when she kept jumping out of second. Third in class and ninth overall was the result.

There are a lot of pictures from the official CSCC photographer here.


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