The ‘bay.

So what do you do when you have a conrod go through your block and you have a race at Silverstone in a month? Simple, buy another engine on eBay.

Easy. Although it turned out to be smaller cc than advertised. Boo. Still, it’ll have to do.


Snetterton. There’s a hole in my block dear Liza.

What a race, briefly. Started fifth, up to third and the tail of the top two. Then disaster, a ‘rod went and smacked a hole through the block.

Still it was a great meeting. Very professional, yet still a proper club meeting organised by the CSCC. I was inteviewed in the pit lane after the problem. 


The end. Pushing on, with exhaust hanging low. Good times early on (live timing on your phone!). Harassed by a mini. First lap. Waiting for practice. Mirror and quarter light issues in practice.