Have you ever wanted to get involved in Motorsport?
Would your company benefit from the increased exposure that an association with a national race series would bring?
Are you keen to re-enforce and promote employee relations?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then maybe its time to think about getting involved with club motorsport at a national level.

So what can we do for you?

Sponsorship is a two-way contract, in return for your investment you will receive a year long package that will consist of the following items:
Advertising space on the race car, driver overalls and race programme entry
Complimentary race tickets for all races
Links to your own corporate website from this website, including advertising banners.
Use of the race car for promotional purposes (subject to race and testing commitments)
Regular reports on the driver and team progress through the season.
For an additional cost, Ashmore Racing can also arrange for on-track hospitality suites and catering and a range of team-wear and merchandise.

The hidden benefits

The on-track advertising exposure is perhaps the most obvious benefit, but there are other aspects:
Your name and logo will be visible as the race car is transported around the country to attend the race meetings. Typically the car will be travelling on a Saturday, spectators have access to the paddock on the Sunday morning and the race car will have at least one qualifying session. These are all times that your name and logo will be visible to potential clients.

The car can be entered in several race popular race series. The team is a family run (father and son) who race it mainly in endurance races.

The complimentary tickets can be used for a number of purposes. Entertaining new and existing clients or rewarding employees are just two of the ways that attending a race can be both a relaxed and informal way of promoting your business. The opportunity to view the race car, talk to the driver and team will lead to a sense of involvement with Ashmore Racing and club motorsport.

Regular updates from the driver and team can be incorporated in your company bulletin or news letter, thus allowing the entire company to share in the support for Ashmore Racing. Employee relations can be improved when there is a common interest between the business management team and it’s employees. A strong link with club motorsport can give provide this valuable tool.

Advertising Space

The following areas are available for corporate names and logos:

windscreen sunstrip 1200mm x 140mm
front bumper 1000mm x 80mm
rear bumper 1000mm x 80mm
rear quarters 300mm x 500mm
base of doors 400mm x 220mm
front wings 600mm x 300mm
roof 1000mm x 1000mm

Other areas are available, such as wing mirrors, interior, windows


Costs are very much dependant upon the level of sponsorship and advertising required. This can be tailored to an individual client. A rough guide however is that the smallest sponsorship package costs a few hundred pounds and an exclusive sponsorship package for the entire car and team would in the region of a few thousand.

Any prices can be offset by your companies services or goods that are beneficial for Ashmore Racing.

So now what?

Contact Ashmore Racing for more details of how an association with clubman racing can promote and benefit your firm.